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Karl Renz calls his talks Self-Talks (monologues) since the Self talks to the Self. The speaker, what is spoken, and the listener are the One Self. The selected sentences are deep, hit directly, and at the same time are humorous. For example: “You look through the eyes of the others to see yourself. - When you die, don’t take it personally.”...'Draw a card and let it affect you.' Since the words are self-evident, they remind you of what you are: the truth of your existence – not what you believe to be. The colourful and meditative paintings have a supporting and deepening effect on a non-rational level. They resonate with the respective verses and open another dimension. It is spoken to That which, as Karl says, doesn't understand with the mind. No matter which card you are drawing, it is always the right one! Enjoy drawing the cards and 'not understanding'. Paintings: © Sitara (www.meditations-bilder.de) - Paintings on card's backside & box: © Karl Renz (www.karlrenz.de) Many thanks to all who assisted in creation of these cards: Karl Renz, Johannes Ehemann, Niket Scherer, Anasuya, Ieva Gaidulis, Christian Salvesen,Christa Oberbacher, Hans-Georg Turstig, Alain Maroger, Sitara
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